Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my blog! I’ve been considering starting a blog for a while and I finally did it. I’ve always really enjoyed writing and this will be a way for me to write and share it with others. I kept putting off starting this thing because I was never really sure what it was or what it would become. Would I tell stories? Would I focus on a particular topic? Would I write Golden Girls fan fiction? The world was my oyster. 

I kept putting it off and I now realize two things about that: 

  1. There’s no way of telling what this thing will be until I do it and find out.  
  2. I was scared. 

I’ve been afraid to share what I’ve written because I’ve been focusing too much on what other people will think. I think it’s natural to worry about how people will respond, but it shouldn’t be holding me back. So basically, ya girl is going for it. I have literally no idea how to describe this blog to you because I don’t really know what it is yet. What I can tell you is that I intend to make people laugh and encourage compassion. I hope that’s enough to make you come back, thanks for stopping by this time!



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